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Air Graphics was formed by a couple of EMS pilots to help satisfy a need for promotional products representative of the technical diversity of the helicopter air ambulance industry. Although tightly budgeted, most EMS providers are very proud of the equipment they operate and will give T-shirts, caps, lapel pins, coffee mugs, ink pens, or a wide variety of other useful items featuring their helicopters as a reminder that should (God forbid) your family needs rapid medical transportation to the highest level of appropriate care, you think of them and have enough contact information to reach them. Most “Mom and Pop” T-shirt shops have clipart catalogs that have helicopters in them along with 30,000 other images of all manner of objects for any and every occasion you may wish to picture. This means that an EMS helicopter company may have to settle for promotional products displaying a helicopter, but not their helicopter. Not so with Air Graphics. We custom draw every helicopter to a view best showing your company’s paint scheme and logos, and will ensure that details such as skid type, tail rotor location, weather radar fuselage modifications, or any other specific equipment additions or deletions, are included. Most of the time, custom art is provided at no cost with an order. Over the years, our T-shirts and custom Lapel Pins have filtered throughout the country, so you may have seen our work. It has even been copied to represent programs that don’t buy from Air Graphics.

Although started to exclusively pursue Air EMS customers, Air Graphics has expanded to offer the same attention to detail and accuracy to any customer with promotional products needs. We offer very competitive pricing which improves on larger quantity orders and will generate custom art as needed to your satisfaction. Air Graphics provides a single source for screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, signs and banners, sports uniforms, lapel pins, custom buttons, drinkware, and such a variety of promotional products for your logo, that you are limited only by your imagination.  Please contact me for further information.

Allen Bills,



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